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Ad design that sells

Incognito is a creative advertising company specializing in manufacturing marketing and B2B advertising.

Our ad design focused on selling your products and services to your ideal customers, while reinforcing your branding and image.

Effective advertising has to stand out from the rest of the ads and make the reader want to know more, to contact you and become a customer. In order to accomplish this we refer back to your marketing strategy; who makes the buying decision, what makes you different from your competition and how your customer will benefit from choosing your product or service – what’s in it for them.

We begin with a specific product, service or offer from you to them.

Then we create a simple, arresting combination of words and images to get their attention and let them know you have the solution to their problem.

A good ad design can only have one offer.

Keep your message clear and simple by offering only one item as the main focus because there is already a world of clutter and you want to stand out.

Incognito’s creative advertising is built around an age-old proven structure that hasn’t changed no matter what new technological delivery system is used.

The basis of this structure is your story.

We begin with a powerful graphic representation of your product or service or the problem faced by your audience.

This is in tandem with a short headline telling them you are speaking to them and understand their problem.

The next part is an amplification of the headline, giving a little more clarification of the solution.

Then the body copy or text of the ad design is a combination of facts about the product or service and a translation of those facts into the benefits of buying and using your solution.

We’re back to what’s in it for them and why they should buy.

Finally, there is a strong call to action with your phone number, e-mail address, website and address if needed.

Make sure to include your logo / branding.

Incognito focuses on sales while reinforcing your brand

Your advertising should appear in a consistent graphic design format every time, using the same typeface for headlines and body copy, similar placement of the photos or illustrations, colors and especially your logo and contact information. This helps reinforce your identity and branding so your ideal customer knows without thinking that it is your ad and you stand for quality, accuracy, fast turn-around or whatever is your brand identity.

Our ad design is creative and we have won awards, but that is not our goal. We don’t try to be cute or clever just for the fun of it. However some of our ad design uses unique images and concepts usually not associated with your industry or product in order to get attention and stand out – as long as it tells your story and sells your product.

As a creative advertising agency, we also help you select the best print of digital media to reach your ideal customers in the publications, online newsletters and websites where they go for information about your kind of products and services.

So if you’re looking for a creative advertising agency with its main focus on selling, you’ve found it.

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