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Incognito’s Graphic Design Services

You need to stand out from the competition to communicate and you need to communicate to generate leads, attract new customers and increase sales.

One way Incognito makes you stand out is through captivating graphic design. You have only about 5 seconds to make your audience stop and look at you, your company and what you have to offer.

Incognito’s graphic design utilizes the psychology of attraction and often breaks rules to get attention, but it is always focused on simplicity and clarity of communication. We present usual concepts in unusual ways, making connections between previously unconnected ideas. We often employ metaphor, humor, the unexpected and emotion to tell your story with a combination of words and pictures. This is your story. We craft it and repeat it over and over to get results.

It is not design to win awards, but design to communicate and get results.

Incognito marketing approaches graphic design as a tool to communicate your compelling marketing message in keeping with your marketing strategy and branding to motivate response from your prospects.

Unlike other graphic design companies, we are not out to win awards or just to be cute or clever. Sure, we’ve won our share of awards over the years, but our graphic design services are focused on communicating your marketing message to your prospects and doing it in a way that makes them want to know more about you, and ultimately become your customer.

The job of a graphic designer is to solve a problem, the problem of how to quickly and clearly communicate your sales message to your ideal customer. Often the problem is that your message is too complex, (because you know too much about your products and processes), to be quickly understood by people with less detailed knowledge no matter how smart they are. You don’t want to make them work to understand because you will lose them. So our graphic design services have a foundation on simplifying complex concepts for the masses.

We are professional listeners. We listen to you and then we design.

No one knows more about your business than you, so we ask questions and listen to you and then begin the graphic design. It is a tried and true process that assures the success of every project.

Working with you, we dig down to identify your ideal customer as closely as possible. These are the people who make the buying decision for your products and services. Defining them as design engineers, production supervisors, general contractors, OEMs, male or female, age, education, geographic region, company size, etc., will determine the direction of the graphic design we create. The attractive power of your story.

Think Like Your Ideal Customer.

Keeping your target audience and ideal customer in mind, we carefully craft a compelling combination of powerfully engaging photographs or illustrations with clear, concise text to connect on both an emotional and intellectual level with the viewer.

A good graphic designer communicates on more than the visual level: they also stimulate your senses and emotions. Some images make you nostalgic for past experiences or feelings, other images make you look forward with hope to something fresh. Incognito’s graphic design can leverage the emotional power of an image to create intrigue and excitement.

We craft tempting designs that solve problems, innovative graphic design that is both smart and effective to make you stand out and get noticed. Ours is graphic design that wows, that works, that makes a big impact and helps you stand out in crowded markets, build brand awareness and increase sales.

Our graphic design services create smart, innovative communication tools, including websites, logos, signage, trade show graphics, product literature, company capabilities brochures and product catalogs. It is design that makes a difference.

Your story told, your product sold.

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