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We show prospects how you solve their problems and make their lives better, so they want to buy from you.

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Incognito Industrial Photography.

Worth a Thousand Words!

We make your products, services, factory and employees look great!

Our professional photography creates a positive emotional association with your products, services and company in the mind of your customers.

industrial photographers

Photos are important for your brand and increase brand loyalty.

The success of your advertising marketing efforts depends on taking pictures that create a trust for your brand by illustrating your produce’s quality and fine points.

Professional photography of your manufacturing processes, factory, technology, products and workers will capture the imagination of visitors to your website.

Our photography tells your story in pictures.

And your story attracts new clients and business.

When you want to communicate complex concepts, strategic marketing messagesbranding strategy or demonstrate a manufacturing process, photography can make a huge difference in lead generation results for your company.

Good Industrial photography is like another worker on your payroll, telling your story and attracting new customers.


Industrial photography helps companies win business.

Websites, logos, social media, tradeshow graphics, and marketing strategies depend on powerful visuals for success.

Incognito Marketing creates product photography, architectural photography, creative and unique portraits and images that can be combined with illustration to make your point.

industrial photographers

Our Industrial photographers know and use safety gear.

When we take pictures at your industrial site, we’re there to create images in the camera, and at the same time, carefully use all safety gear appropriate for your industrial workplace before we start working on your photo shoot and photography.

There is more to it than just pointing and clicking a camera.

To visually demonstrate the unique properties of your manufacturing processes, industrial equipment, technology, skills, and vision will make your website, marketing collateral and advertising interesting and attractive to prospective clients.

Artistic pictures of manufacturing processes rely on lighting, shadows, focus, depth of field, angles, backgrounds, moisture, dust in the air, fumes, composition, colors, props, cropping, texture, focus and a million other considerations that go into creating powerful photographs.


industrial photographers

Industrial photography on location.

An industrial photographer knows how to capture the exciting, intricate details of your manufacturing machinery, workers and the energy of your operations on location.

We have the tools and equipment and are used to working on your job site, industrial workplace or factory environment to get interesting shots in the camera for your company website or to illustrate an article for publication.

Industrial photography at an industrial site presents many challenges.

Workers are doing their job, and we can’t interfere with the workflow at the industrial site of your company.

Lighting in an industrial workplace or location is set up for the efficiency and comfort of the workers crafting products on industrial equipment or machinery.

So, industrial photography in a manufacturing plant requires us to bring our lights to the location and to orchestrate the timing of capturing images around workers and their schedules.

A common challenge in taking images around machinery and active workers is dust.

Workers using tools and equipment in any industry create dust, which gets on everything in the photos.

Dust is a big problem on shiny or polished surfaces.

Photography with dust is a problem and requires a worker to spend extra time in Photoshop to clean the pictures before they can be used to advertise your company’s brand to your customers.

This is one more reason many industrial photography pictures are shot in a studio rather on location in an industrial setting.

Photographers getting shots in an industrial factory are often limited by space considerations.

For this reason, some photos will result in a better picture if we do the shoot in our studio or another location.

Sometimes, we do construction in our studio to do the photography in an environment we create and control.

This construction solution allows us to control the lighting and gives us the space we need to work based on our camera, lenses, scaffolding and other equipment needed to shoot the photos.

Commercial photography at our location.

Many of the items you produce are smaller than a machine, so we take pictures in a studio at our location.

A photoshoot at our location allows us to create a scene where a construction worker can build a set on location to control the lighting environment with the technology, and we need to create interesting, powerful shots to brand your marketing

When you need a corporate industrial photographer to show your hard work, products, industrial equipment, industry, factory or workers to your industrial clients, contact Incognito Marketing.

industrial photographers

Picture your brand as a high-quality superstar!

Creative images from a photo shoot by an industrial photographer explore the life, interests, ideas and energy of companies in industries of all kinds, from construction to manufacturing.

These images set your company apart from others in your industry as a superstar.

A company like yours, in your industry, has to do a lot of hard work to capture the imagination of prospective clients and ensure current clients don’t forget you.

You could spend much of your life buying a camera, lights, backgrounds, lenses, reflectors, etc. and doing your photography, but that’s our job.

We’ll take pictures for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

Industrial clients have unique interests and visions.

Before our photographers get out the camera to take shots of a machine, technology or employees in your manufacturing environment, we interview our clients to understand their marketing goals, brand, and business.

industrial photographers

Pre-planning industrial photography sets us apart from others.

Each of our clients, in all the industries we serve, has specific ideas they want to highlight in their photography.

For photography in the factory or the studio, each article our customers make has a unique story of quality, special services, skills, employees and on and on, that need to have photographs to support their marketing goals and brand.

Shots to avoid to protect your business.

In some cases, companies want us to avoid showing certain secrets of quality or services or machinery to guard sensitive details of their business.

So, before we shoot any creative photos, we always ensure we understand the details, project requirements, and environment.

That is an important part of our manufacturing process in creating images for marketing collateral for industrial companies.

Industrial photography is not like shooting weddings or real estate.

Images for industry, showing industrial equipment, machinery or products, are the job of industrial photography.

This kind of photography pictures the operations and world of workers in the factory to show and sell the creative ideas, quality and solutions of your brand that your customers need to make a buying decision.

The photographer’s camera gets technical shots intended to attract industrial customers who are often engineers or specialized technicians.

So, industrial photography has to be precise and answer the question, “How do you solve my problem and make my life better”?

Clients won’t forget interesting, powerful photos when they access your website.

Photography creates a memorable, unusual and powerful picture of your brand.

From shots of your first article to employees to your industrial location, the decision-makers in companies you want to attract will hold you in higher regard if your industrial photography supports your brand in a positive light.

The bottom line is to set yourself apart from the competition and effectively demonstrate what makes you different and better than the others depending on high-quality industrial photography.

You should write great headlines and text, but industrial photography communicates quickly, and people are busy, so they tend not to read much except headlines and captions under photography; in today’s world, a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

industrial photographers

Industrial Photography for Marketing Results.

Like the rest of us, you have costs to cover, bills to pay, worker payroll to meet.

You need to generate quality leads, increase sales, smooth out cash flow and hopefully show a profit at the end of the day.

Good industrial photography plays an important role in increasing these results.

When you’re ready to grow with industrial photography, call Incognito.

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industrial photographers


An industrial photography agency is a company that specializes in capturing high-quality photographs specifically for industrial purposes. They have expertise in photographing industrial processes, machinery, products, and locations.
Art directors in an industrial photography agency oversee the creative aspects of a photoshoot. They work closely with clients to understand their vision and ensure the final photographs align with their artistic direction.
An industrial photography agency may collaborate with a creative agency to provide visual content for their marketing campaigns. The industrial photography agency captures images that align with the creative agency’s overall strategy and messaging.
Creative directors in an industrial photography agency are responsible for guiding the overall artistic direction of a project. They work closely with art directors, photographers, and clients to ensure the final images meet the desired creative vision.
Public relations photography involves capturing images used for media and public relations purposes. These photographs are often used to promote a company, showcase events, or highlight key personnel or products.
Event photography is one of the services offered by an industrial photography agency. They specialize in capturing images at various industrial events such as conferences, trade shows, product launches, and corporate gatherings.
Art buyers in an industrial photography agency are responsible for sourcing and acquiring photographs on behalf of clients. They work closely with photographers, graphic designers, and clients to ensure the selected images meet their needs.
Graphic designers can benefit from working with an industrial photography agency as they can access a wide range of high-quality images to incorporate into their designs. These images can enhance their graphic design projects’ visual appeal and effectiveness.
Photo editors in an industrial photography agency are responsible for selecting and editing the best photographs from a shoot. They ensure that the images meet the desired quality standards, align with the client’s requirements, and convey the intended message effectively.
An industrial photography agency may work with industry leaders to capture photographs that showcase their expertise, products, or services. These images can be used for marketing materials, websites, or industry publications to establish credibility and promote thought leadership.