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We show prospects how you solve their problems and make their lives better, so they want to buy from you.

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Memorable Corporate Identity / Logo Design Colorado Springs

Just as you recognize a person when you see their face, your customers recognize your company by its face, your logo design, your brand.

When you see a person’s face you not only recognize them, but you also associate certain feelings, beliefs and facts about them. Are they trustworthy, loyal, funny, giving, cheap, mean, tall, etc.?

It is a person’s Brand Identity you associate with their face.

Your recognition and perception of their face is based on their hair color, smile, eyes, skin tone and other visual characteristics that are consistent every time you see them.

The same is true of the graphic design of the logo for your company.

Good or bad, your logo design is the face of your company, products and services, and carries associations of your quality, trustworthiness, customer service, responsiveness, price and expertise, value, etc.

Your old logo could be sending a negative, harmful branding message, repelling the prospects you want to attract.

logo design colorado springs

This is branding for your organization.

So, it has to be a great logo design that communicates the positive branding message you need in order to attract the right customers!

We have been creating new logos in Colorado Springs for business owners in Colorado and across the country.

Many of these new logos are used to in branding, marketing and advertising around the world.

Both small businesses and large business can attract the right prospects with a professional custom logo that sets them apart from their competitors in the mind of their clients.

Graphic designers use consistent logo colors, typography, graphic elements and shapes as well as positive and negative space to communicate your brand identity consistently every time it is seen.

Sometimes yellow represents sunshine, or a green triangle can represent a tree or green energy.

Blue can represent sky or water. Gray can represent steel or concrete, and so on.

Colors also have emotional meanings.

Graphic designers know that colors can be passive, aggressive, cold, hot, strong or light and airy.

It is important to conduct market research, so you know what specific colors mean to your customers in their industries. These are the right customers you want to attract when you present your logo in printing, websites, advertising and digital marketing.

For instance, farmers like green because to them it represents growing crops. They also like blue because it is synonymous with the life-giving water they need for success. Financial clients often like green because it means a positive bottom line, and they dislike red for what it represents.

logo design colorado springs

Incognito Marketing process for creating logos:

Our logo design system has three steps.

First, we begin your logo design project with rough sketches based on your input.

This initial phase includes at least three totally different graphic design options to jump start our creativity and give us a place to start in the development.

We review these initial directions with you, making note of your reactions, comments and feedback to narrow down the choices, mixing and matching elements for the next step in the project.

Second, we take your input to the ideas created and, keeping in mind how the new logo will work with web design, print and branding, we tighten up your selection and submit it for your review a second time.

After this review, we use Adobe Illustrator to create more professional looking art graphics for a final round of reviews.

Finally, after your review and input on what our designers have created, we develop final vector format final logos in Adobe Illustrator and .jpeg files in Adobe Photoshop for use in printing, web design, social media marketing, email marketing, brochures and digital marketing.

The adobe illustrator vector format files are preferred by sign companies and can be enlarged almost infinitely without losing quality.

The .jpeg files in adobe photoshop are preferred for printing and work fine for applications like advertising and web design and development.

You get a great logo that meet your logo design needs and supports your brand and marketing.

logo design colorado springs

We are professional listeners.

We listen to your input, then we design.

logo design colorado springs

No one knows more about your business than you, so we ask questions, listen carefully and pay attention, research your organization, your customers and competitive brands.

Working with you, we dig down to identify your ideal customer as closely as possible.

These are the people who make the buying decision for your products and services.

Identifying your clients as design engineers, production supervisors, general contractors, OEMs, male or female, age, education level and focus, geographic region, company size, etc., will determine the direction of the graphic design we create.

Once we have created a vision of your world and your services, and established your design needs, then we begin the graphic design, the creativity.

It is a tried and true process that assures the success of every project.

We are known for specializing in the attractive power of your story.

Design to attract Your Ideal Customer.

Keeping your target audience and ideal customer in mind, we carefully craft a compelling combination of powerfully engaging photographs or illustrations with clear, concise text to connect on both an emotional and intellectual level with the viewer.

Whether it is a logo, website or advertisements, our design team communicates on more than the visual level: they also work to stimulate the senses and emotions of your customers.

Some images make customers nostalgic for past experiences or feelings, other images make you look forward with hope to something fresh.

Incognito’s graphic designers leverage the emotional power of images, shapes and colors in creating intrigue and excitement.

We craft tempting designs that solve problems, innovative graphic design that is both smart and effective to make you stand out and get noticed.

Ours is good design that wows, that works, that makes a big impact and helps you get attention in crowded markets, build brand awareness and increase sales.

Our graphic design services create smart, innovative communication tools, including websites, logos, signage, trade show graphics, product literature, company product catalogs.

It is design that makes a difference.

Your story told, your product sold.

Incognito is a graphic design studio, specializing in logo design.

It’s what we do as part of the complete branding and marketing strategy for B2B manufacturing marketing.

Your logo and the branding message it conveys, provide powerful incentive for your ideal customer to choose your product and services over those of your competition.

A new logo distinguishes your business from others in your industry and enhances brand loyalty.

So as you can see, a graphic design company will need to understand what your own business, your services and your products stand for and what branding and strategic marketing message you want to communicate with your logo.

logo design colorado springs

What is your branding message?

Do you want to be seen as high tech, innovative and progressive, or as a trusted well-established enterprise?

Old-school, modern, quick, solid, lean, green, friendly, huge or whatever you like, you get to choose how your company looks, just like you get to select your wardrobe, haircut, shoes and smile.

Your new logo should attract the right customers.

Make a great first impression that lasts.

Your graphic design, new logo design experience will be most successful if you consider these things and discuss them with your graphic designer:

What is the demographic of your potential customer?

Who are your main competitors? What makes your company different from your competitors?

Do you have preferred colors, or existing brand colors? What feeling or mood would you like your logo to create? Will your logo be used primarily for web design, print, or both?

What are some existing company logos that appeal to you?

What is it about your old logo that you want to avoid in your new logo?

Do you want your new logo to keep certain parts of your old logo, like general shape, logo colors or typography?

Many times, small businesses and large companies want an updated version of their old logo to be used as their new logo.

Our graphic designers need to know all of these things in order to create a design for your brand.

Your logo design should be simple!

There are several different types of logo design to consider and all can be effective.

Your unique situation may lend itself to some and exclude others.

Some graphic logo designs include an identifying object directly related to your name or industry; some include a recognizable object not associated with the company name or industry.

Some logos are typographic solutions only, without an image, but the best of this kind work if the name is short or can be reduced to a few letters.

logo design colorado springs

The goal is for customers to interact with your brand in a way that forms an immediate and lasting emotional connection, building brand loyalty.

When you are ready for a new identity, or perhaps to refresh your current brand, give us a call.

Logo design style sheets and usage guides.

If you have staff or others using your new logo for any purpose, we can provide a simple guide, spelling out the rules for using it correctly to keep your business image consistent and on-brand.

logo design colorado springs

The Colorado Logo was changed in 2019.

Over the years, there have been several Colorado logos. You can see many of them HERE

The new logo vs. the old Colorado logos

Although more complicated than the old logo, the new Colorado logo is an example of using logo colors and graphic design elements representing features of Colorado, (the organization).

The new state logo unveiled by Governor Polis after the Hickenlooper administration, incorporates symbols of the state’s abundant sunshine, natural resources, many mountains into a good design for branding, marketing, advertising, web design, brochures and digital marketing.

Logo designers used a green tree to represent Colorado’s natural resources. They used red to represent the red soil and rocks. Other logo design elements include yellow representing the state’s abundant sunshine and wheat of the Great Plains. Blue was used to represent water in Colorado lakes and rivers. Logo designers used two peaks represents the many mountains of the Rockies.

logo design colorado springs

Based in Colorado Springs, working for clients around the world.

Our designers have designed a new logo for branding, advertising, marketing and website design for clients around the world for many years.

Call us when you’re ready to have this Colorado Springs company enhance your business with a new logo.

logo design colorado springs

Logo Design Colorado Springs