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Memorable Logo Design

Just as you recognize a person when you see their face, so does your target market recognize your company by its face, your logo design. When you see a person’s face you not only recognize them, but you also associate your feelings, beliefs and facts about them. Are they trustworthy, loyal, funny, giving, cheap, mean, tall, etc.? It is the person’s Brand you associate with their face. Your recognition and perception of their face is based on their hair color, smile, eyes, skin tone and other visual characteristics that are consistent every time you see them.

The same is true of your graphic design logo. Your logo design is the face of your company and carries associations of your quality, trustworthiness, customer service, responsiveness, price and expertise. It uses colors, typography, graphic elements and shapes as well as positive and negative space to communicate your brand consistently every time it is seen.

Incognito is a logo design company.

It’s what we do as part of the complete marketing strategy for B2B manufacturing marketing. Your logo design and the branding message it conveys, provide powerful incentive for your ideal customer to choose your product and services more often than those of your competition. It distinguishes your business from others in your industry and enhances brand loyalty.

So as you can see, a logo designer will need to understand what your company, your services and your products stand for and what strategic marketing message you want to communicate with your logo design. What is your branding message? Do you want to be seen as high tech, innovative and progressive, or a trusted well-established enterprise? Old-school, modern, quick, solid, lean, green, friendly, huge or whatever you like, you get to choose how your company looks, just like you get to select your wardrobe, haircut, shoes and smile.

Make a good first impression that lasts.

Your graphic design logo design experience will be most successful if you consider these things and discuss them with your logo designer:

What is the demographic of your ideal customer? Who are your main competitors? What makes your company different from your competitors? Do you have preferred colors, or existing brand colors? What feeling or mood would you like your logo to create? Will your logo be used primarily for the web, print, or both? What are some existing company logos that appeal to you?

Your logo design should be simple!

There are several different types of logo design to consider and all can be effective. Your unique situation may lend itself to some and exclude others.

Some graphic logo designs include an identifying object directly related to your name or industry; some include a recognizable object not associated with the company name or industry. Some logos are typographic solutions only, without an image, but the best of this kind work if the name is short or can be reduced to a few letters.

The goal is for customers to interact with your brand in a way that forms an immediate and lasting emotional connection, building brand loyalty.

When you are ready for a new identity, or perhaps to refresh your current brand, give us a call.

Logo design style sheets and usage guides

If you have staff or others using your new logo for any purpose, we can provide a simple guide, spelling out the rules for using it in correctly to keep everything consistent and on-brand.

Your story told, your product sold.

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