B2B Marketing is NOT like Consumer Marketing.

It’s all about You.

We help you compete on Value,

not on price.

Value isn’t price. Value is how well you solve customers’ problems so they can sleep at night.

You need a marketing strategy and tools that communicate your unique Value, so you can avoid competing on price.

No two services or products are alike. We help you discover and clarify what makes you different, more valuable.

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Incognito understands business to business (B2B) marketing.

We get to know your business, your competition, your target market and what makes you different, . . . your unique Value.

Then we translate the Facts into Value Benefits that appeal to your customers, making you their logical choice.

Our experience includes:

  • Professional services
  • Manufacturing (OEM and Contract)
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Finance/Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial construction
  • Custom molded cable assemblies
  • Architectural mill work
  • Aircraft maintenance equipment
  • Injection molding
  • Heat treating
  • Pumps
  • Precision measurement sensors
  • Medical devices
  • Oil field equipment
  • Toxic waste disposal
  • High tech
  • Machining/metal working
  • Filtration systems . . . and more

We know how to get things done.

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industrial-marketing-geniusGreg Snyder knows the challenges faced by small businesses, as he is one himself. He also is passionate about manufacturing and helping small manufacturers develop and implement effective (and cost effective) marketing programs. I have worked with Greg for many years and he always exceeds the customers’ expectations and delivers much more than promised.

Chris Stone / Project Manager / RMTAAC, The Rocky Mountain Trade Adjustment Assistance Center / Boulder, Colorado / www.rmtaac.org


Why We Focus on American Business & Manufacturing:

American business and manufacturing create good jobs and bright futures for workers, their families and our nation.

That is why we focus on marketing for companies that make things in America.

As a business owner or manufacturer, you are a vital part of the American Dream.

For each person you employ, you have a direct impact on the economy. Your jobs provide food, clothing, medical care and shelter, as well as college educations, weddings, retirement, . . . a good life.

Plus, economic ripples radiate from your company as your employees do business in their community, creating and maintaining additional jobs. So, your company has a positive impact on tens of thousands of citizens of our great land.

That is what we care about and why we developed ways to help American businesses survive and thrive. In addition to providing marketing services, we started a small scholarship for welding and machining students at Pueblo Community College.

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