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Incognito is your Marketing Department.

We handle everything, so you can focus on what you do best.

Incognito will create a comprehensive marketing message and strategy that clearly communicates what makes you different and the benefits of working with you. So you can compete on value, not on price.

Although we “do” marketing for other industries, American Manufacturing is our passion, because we believe it is the backbone of our economic future.

Want a single project, rather than an overall strategy?

If you need a website, logo, brochure, literature, graphics, digital or print advertising, we are ready to help. Give us a call: 719-338-5237

Client Comments: 

industrial-marketing-geniusI represent a small niche-market product line and made the switch to Incognito Marketing 3 years ago. The benefit was in moving from the traditional “here’s our product, isn’t it great” message, to a more complete message that presents our products, and includes why they are needed and why we should be the choice, in a compelling eye catching presentation. Incognito is easy to work with, very responsive, and they are quick at grasping the practical and emotional motivation of our end users. Incognito was a good choice for both our print and cyber marketing requirements.

D.S. – Engineer/Regional Sales Manager, Global Precision Measurement Solutions Company

Incognito Works Behind the Scenes to Make You Look Great!

Our goal is to create profit for you by attracting the right kind of new customers, keeping profitable customers and increasing sales to both.

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Why We Focus on American Manufacturing:

American manufacturing creates good jobs and bright futures for workers, their families and our nation.

That is why we focus on marketing for companies that make things in America.

As a manufacturer, you are a vital part of the American Dream.

For each person you employ, you have a direct impact on the economy. Your jobs provide food, clothing, medical care and shelter, as well as college educations, weddings, retirement, . . . a good life.

Plus, economic ripples radiate from your company as your employees do business in their community, creating and maintaining additional jobs. So, your company has a positive impact on tens of thousands of citizens of our great land.

That is what we care about and why we developed ways to help American manufacturers survive and thrive. In addition to providing marketing services, we started a small scholarship for welding and machining students at Pueblo Community College.

How can we be of service to you?  719-338-5237